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1. How long will an All Seasons Garden Room last?
Our Garden Rooms are built with finest materials and are designed to last up to 50 years.
2. Do I need Planning permission for a Garden Room?
No, you do not require planning permission for an All Seasons Garden Room, Planning laws were relaxed back in 2008 and Garden Rooms are considered to be permitted development and do not not require planning permission as long as they are under 2.5 metres in height which ours are.
3. Can I have a Garden Room if I live in a conservation area?
Yes, as long as the garden room is at the rear of your property you usually don't need planning permission.
4. How far can you travel to build a Garden Room?
Although based in the North-East of England we cover the entire UK.
5. What guarantee do I get?
All our Garden Rooms are guaranteed for 5 years after completion.
6. How are All Seasons Garden Rooms heated?
All of our Garden Rooms come with electric wall mounted heater as standard, but for additional cost we can fit underfloor heating.
7. How do you get an electricity supply to the Garden Room?
Either our electrician or your own would usually use an armoured cable to connect the Garden Room to the main house electricity supply.
8. How soon can I have a Garden Room fitted?
We can usually have a Garden Room completed and in your garden within 5 weeks of your enquiry.

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